Names of Business Owners Pheladi Chiloane, Frolinah Malaza & Thuli Nkosi
What is the name of your business? African Agricultural Solutions
When was it founded, and by whom? Please give further details on the backgrounds of the founding members. The company was founded in 2017 by Pheladi and was intended to improve farming practices in the rural areas by introducing all aspects of the agricuture value chain. Pheladi is a graduate in public management and international politics and saw agriculture as a way to develop marginalised groups especially in the rural areas. She has been passionate about agriculture since a young age because her family lived on subsistence farming in rural Bushbuckridge.
Where is your business based? The company is based in Mpumalanga and Gauteng
What is your story?  African Agricultural Solutions is owned by three young African females who have the desire to improve agricutural practices by introducing different aspects of the agricutural value chain in rural areas.
What makes your business different to your competitors? We have the advantage of farming using two methods in agriculture; hydroponics and traditional open field.
What is your product and service offering? We grow vegetables according to our customers specifications allowing for felxibilty and talior made solutions.