Names of Business Owners Lebohang Mohloding
What is the name of your business? Arise and Shine Greenerversity
When was it founded, and by whom? Please give further details on the backgrounds of the founding members. it was founded in 2017, by Lebohang Mohloding. She has a Btech. degree in horticulture from Tshwane university of Technology. she has 5 years working experience in the industry inclusive of 3 years in hydroponic field and high value vegetables.
Where is your business based? Newgate mall, Rahima moosa street, Johannesburg, 2001
What is your story?  Growing up seeing my father being a farm worker and my mom an entrepreneur, had inspired me to be a combination of both and most of all my father’s employer. I grew up in the rural area of Bochum (Avon) in Limpopo province where growing your own vegetables was a norm. Being in a demarcated area made me realise how important it is to have vegetables grown locally, by whom and how they were grown. With my skills and experience, I bring good technicalities to the business.
What makes your business different to your competitors? Competitive advantages: cost competitive advantage (innovation); economies of density; tactic and customer satisfaction.
What is your product and service offering? Offer special benefit of consistency.