Names of Business Owners

The company was co-founded by two young Bio-scientists, Andile Gcaza and Phetole Raseropo who recieved technical training at their alma mater University of Fort fare in the rural Eastern Cape, both double majoring in Microbiological, Biochemical and/or Botanical Sciences. Their backgrounds stem from Research Fund Management in the National System of Innovation and Regional Agricultural Extension Officer respectively, they are hands on entrepreneurs who bring innovative problem solving and business experience to the Food and Horticultural Industry.

What is the name of your business?

The company is registered as Evergrow (Pty) Ltd. and trading as “Evergrow Seedlings” which can be easily found through google search and most social media platforms. The company was initially a hydroponics company till a need for seedlings was identified within the Johannesburg inner city food value chain. Their signiture colours blue, brown, white and green represent how water brings life through plants which intern provide nutritious food for all. They affectionalty call their hand made products “Green Leafy Babies”

When was it founded, and by whom? Please give further details on the backgrounds of the founding members. Evergrow (Pty) Ltd is South African Agricultural Start-up which was registered in 2018. The company is currently trading in Gauteng however its customers can be found in NW, EC and KZN they currently provide access to quality high turnover vegetable seedlings and primary consultation services targeting smallholder farmers in urban, peri-urban and rural areas.
What is your story?  When the company started trading it was from a back-yard garden in Soweto, with high barriers to entry for the horticultural industry such as infrastructure and start-up capital looking for investors and market opportunities was a major objective for business expansion. In late 2018 they received business training from a SEDA initiative, then soon after competitively pitched for a partnership opportunity with the Urban Agriculture Initiative(UAI) through a service supplier incubation contract, the UIA has the capacity to produce 6 tons of leafy greens per month it was established and supported by stakeholders such as Johannesburg Inner City Partnership(JICP), Minerals Council South Africa (Minerals Council) and Grobank etc..
What makes your business different to your competitors? The seedlings are handmade, staring from sourcing trusted quality seeds, these are then prepared and transplanted into sterilized quality growth media, that has been scientifically optimized to facilitate excellent root growth and aeration thus minimizing root shock during transplanting.
What is your product and service offering? The company simply provide access to quality high turnover vegetable seedlings and primary consultation services to smallholder farmers in urban, peri-urban and rural parts of Gauteng the countries economic-hub.