Names of Business Owners Fezile Msomi, Wezile Msomi and Phindile Msomi
What is the name of your business?

Hazile Group (trading with 3 subsidiaries) Agriculture, Water and Waste Management and Renewable Energy

When was it founded, and by whom? Please give further details on the backgrounds of the founding members. Our company was founded in 2016. Our company began in our kitchen when we knew that we could grow vegetables at a bigger scale and one day be commercial farmers. We have a sister company Hazile Events that we started and we do events and catering, this gave birth to us being more in the kitchen and always have a challenge when it came to vegetables we bought and we decided to grow our own. As the years progressed we added the two other subsidiaries to the company to grow what we do.
Where is your business based? Our main offices are in Johannesburg (11 Sonia Street, Gillview) and we have offices in other provinces as well, these can be located on
What is your story?  I am a young black female entrepreneur who iscurrently studying Psychology and has a passion in farming, my dream is to one day be a commercial farmer and also do livestock.
What makes your business different to your competitors? We do vegetables and deliveries custom to the customer
What is your product and service offering?
  1. We offer Hydroponic Vegetables as well as grow vegetables grow on land.
  2. Water and Waste Management solutions were we do water purification and disposal of waste
  3. Renewable Energy is offering customers solar panelling and various energy efficient products.