Names of Business Owners Puseletso Mamogale
What is the name of your business?

Midu Farms

When was it founded, and by whom? Please give further details on the backgrounds of the founding members. Midu farms was founded in 2014 by Puseletso Mamogale the business was running in walkerwille growing diffferent crops in an open land and was giving an opportunity to grow herbs and leafy vegetables in hydroponic system by UAI
Where is your business based? Midu Farms opparate at 1 fox street Johannesburg
What is your story?  Midu Farms has been growing vegetables and herbs for 6 year and has the experience and skill to operate in control environment and open system.
What makes your business different to your competitors? Good quality crop at affortable price.
What is your product and service offering? Midu farms grow herbs like basil, mint and lemon balm, leafy crops as lettuce and spinach and packet according to requirement of the clients.